Adam Dale

Kinder-Second SDC

My life is an adventure and I think of my work at Baywood that way too. Like an expedition to a remote alpine valley, my classroom is a place where I find challenges, connections, problem solving, and relationships. I began teaching at Baywood in 2011 and I’m thrilled to be part of our Baywood community.

I’ve worked in education since 1998, mostly in environmental and outdoor education. I’ve directed a university outdoor education program , training student leaders to lead courses in the wilderness for other students. I’ve led month long wilderness climbing and leadership courses with the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming and continue to lead one course in the Wind River range each summer. I was a Naturalist teaching 6th grade environmental science at The Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre and got to know so many 6th grade teachers that I was excited to make the shift to classroom teaching. I shifted again to teaching special education because I feel strongly about the rights of ALL students to have an appropriate, challenging and caring school experience.

When I’m not at school I love reading, exploring the beaches, tide pooling and surfing. I also love all sorts of climbing, especially in the mountains. Some of my favorite sights are winds blowing off-shore over peaky waves, a soaring arête to an airy summit, or a student making a new discovery.

I truly enjoy (almost) every day at school and really value the relationships I build in my classroom. My wife Nicole is a Naturalist at KEEP Ocean in Montana de Oro. We love sushi, camping, living in Los Osos and our cat Limuw.