Baywood's Teachers 2017-2018

Saturday, Jun 10th

Proudly Introducing Baywood's 2017-2018 Classroom Teachers!

Preschool: Ms. Lloyd-Moffett

Preschool SDC: Mr. Cooper

Kindergarten: 2 classes- Mrs. Fay & Mrs. Loeffler

1st Grade: 2 classes- Mrs. Taylor & Mrs. Dallas

2nd Grade: 2 classes- Mrs. Newell & Miss Docouto/Mrs. May

3rd Grade: 2 classes- Mrs. Dawkins & Mrs. Cappellano

4th Grade: 2 classes- Mr. Curran & Miss Otzoy-Medrano

5th Grade: 2 classes- Mrs. Emery & Miss Stocking

Kinder-2nd SDC: 1 class- Mr. Dale

3rd-5th SDC: 1 class- Mrs. Smith-Grove

Class configurations are based on our overall school enrollment and are tentative up until the weeks before we start school in the fall. This is our best thinking on our classes for next year at this point.

You will be notified of your child's class placement via email, the week before school starts- once you have completed Info Snap Registration. 

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